Features and Benefits



Weatherproof Fashion!
All Blondo® footwear is authenticated by the AquaProtect®seal which certifies the use of high quality waterproof leathers and other materials with seam-sealed construction. This process provides a superior protection against water infiltration and the harmful effects of calcium/salt.

Easy Care
Waterproof leathers and waterproof materials are synonymous with quick and easy maintenance. With a damp cloth, easily wipe off dirt and traces of calcium/salt. Also helps to preserve the beauty and longevity of your boots. Cleaning your boots has never been this simple!

Warm Zone 20 Warm Zone 25 Warm Zone 15

Warm Zone

The Warm Zone is a great guide to help you choose the best product that meets your specific needs. Please keep in mind that this guide may be influenced by several factors such as your fitness level, your activity level and its duration, the humidity level, your exposure time, the boot fit, etc.



Each style of the Blondo collection features an outsole that harmoniously matches its distinctive character. High quality, durable materials such as natural and synthetic rubber are used in the design of each outsole to provide the necessary lightness, flexibility, comfort and traction to fit the look and function of the boot.

Removable activated carbon foam insole

Removable activated carbon foam insole

The removable activated carbon foam insole is designed to provide unparalleled comfort and additional cold protection to keep you warm during those harsh winter months. A gel pad at the heel adds extra cushioning for all-day comfort.Very effective against foot odors, this insole may also be removed to insert orthotics.